Monday, January 7, 2013

Revisiting the Bucket List

The beginning of the year is a great time to review what we accomplished the prior year and make plans for the upcoming year so today I'll revisit my 2012 bucket list and see how well I did (this may be scary-I have a  sneaking suspicion I may have been gotten a tad waylaid last year.

The 2012 Bucket List:

  • Move (first my dd and I)  ✓-Happily accomplished in May 2012
  • Secure the fencing -happily most of the property is fenced, we just need to fix/improve it.  1/2 ✓ -we did get gates put up to secure the perimeter but our guardian dog just jumps over it. Not sure what we'll do here.
  • Set-up dog kennel- X-not started, I'm putting this one on hold since I may build a kennel into the house addition/garage when that eventually happens.
  • Make sheep shelter X-I cheated, I used the barn, but this will go on the 2013 bucket list so the horses can have the barn back!
  • Move the livestock to property 
  • Research what fruit trees do well at 8800' altitude (no that's not a typo -this property is located at some serious altitutude! Plant test trees. 1/2 ✓ -I did the research but didn't get the trees bought. Thiswas late to get a lot started. 
  • Fix greenhouse 1/2 ✓ -I did fix it, but the wind ripped the new door I built off so it still needs fixing! 
  •  is going on the 2013 bucket lits.
  • Research and plant berry canes 1/2 ✓ -Again I did the research and actually ordered the plants but they are schedule for April 2013 delivery, hence only the 1/2 checkmark!
  • Plant vegetable/herb garden ✓ I did get some herbs and vegetables planted last year, but with our May move date 
  • Remove fallen tree from pond, remove beaver dams where they are changing water flow-X-we tried to haul it out with the mule but it wouldn't come. We started chopping it up for a pond side fire last week!
  • Fence bottom pasture. X-just not enough hours in the day! 

Results:   ✓=3 tasks completed (yikes this is bad!)
           1/2 ✓=3 tasks partially completed
                  X=4 tasks not started

The results don't exactly look stellar but as always there is all sorts of accomplishments that were completed that never made it to the bucket list, such as building the doghouse, fencing the side pasture, seeding the side pasture etc.

And now for the 2013 Bucket List:

  • Make the sheep house with at least 3 pens. 
  • Fence bottom pasture
  • Order and plant fruit trees
  • Fence/cover vegetable garden so chickens can range in it, put in duck pond.
  • Fix greenhouse
  • Get ancona ducks
  • Start aquaponic system in greenhouse. Something like this one:

  • Stock pond with trout
  • Complete alternative driveway entrance
Dog yard (our backyard is about 2 acres-too big to watch them at nighttime. I don't want any predators getting my pups!)

This concludes the 2013 Bucket List.  

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  1. Love it...especially the tabulated results at the end of 2012...u r so the accountant :)
    What will 2014 bring to the bucket list...a milk cow maybe? or will that be too out of scope for your farm vision... we shall see...