Ducks, Chickens and Eggs for sale

Fresh Eggs

Most of the time we have fresh bantam chicken and duck eggs for sale. Our ducks and chickens are fed layer feed supplemented with fresh grass, kitchen scraps, scratch grains, mealworms and whatever bugs they can catch during the day.  They are not "free ranged" due to the abundance of wildlife in their surrounds just waiting to eat them, but do have a large pen where they can scavenge up tasty treats in the dirt, nibble on grass and grab passing bugs out of the air.

Bantam Chicken Eggs: $1.25 1/2 dozen (these are considered Peewee on the USDA egg size chart)
Duck eggs $4.25 dozen (XL size)
Mixed Dozen (6 of each) $3.25 

Bring a carton and save $.25 on prices quoted above.

Availability: I should have eggs available for the rest of the year.

Hatching Eggs

None available at this time. We hope to have call duck hatching eggs available later this spring. 

Ducks and Chickens

Anconda Ducks for sale: I have 5 nice Ancona Ducks born between June 15-24th for sale. I have the traditional black and white for $15.00 and then a blue for $20.00, and what I believe to be a Silver for $20.00.  I'm selling these as straight run. I purchased most of these from Boondockers.