Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year...some new babies and a farewell to 2012 and a friend

Well the new year has come upon us despite the Mayan calendar ending.  Maybe 2013 was just too far in the future for them to consider?  I read the other day that Jan 04, 2013 was the day Marty of Back to the Future fame was supposed to land in his Delorean...I haven't heard of any sightings yet, but it sure does make me feel old that the future is now!

Sadly just after Christmas we lost our favourite ewe "Delilah", Katielyn's bottle fed lamb from two years ago.  She was nearing the end of her first pregnancy and suffered pregnancy toxemia. We tried to save her with an emergency visit to the vet, but she passed away while trying to revive her. We suspect she was carrying twins and what with the cold weather, and nourishing the babes in her womb she used up all of her energy reserves.  Farewell Delilah, we miss you and the babies we never met.

2013 has already brought us some bouncing baby lambs...our first offspring by the Katahdin ram, Potter purchased in July. To date we have 3 ewes and one ram by Potter with a few more in the works. 

L to R, Single Ewe Lam born 01/03/13, twins Ram on left born  12/21/12

"Maya" ewe lamb born on 12/21- the day the world was to end!


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