Friday, January 25, 2013

Painted Deserts and 50% Katahdins for Sale

My flock has been growing quickly and it has come time to part ways with a few sheep.  Here is what is currently for sale:

On the left is a 2.5 month old Painted Desert Ram-good stout prospect, dam Santana Sayen -6th place ewes 6-12 months, 2012 PDSS show. Ram $125, Ewe-$200 SOLD

Spot recordable 50% Katahdin ram lamb born Jan 18, 2013, dam Teanna above, sire "Potter" pictured at bottom of page  $175.00 SALE PENDING

Estrella's Ambrosia "Brandy"-PDSS ewe, she was bottle fed and is the friendliest ewe ever $125 (to someone who will love her), Moon-4.5 month PDSS ewe lamb. $75.00 SOLD

Tammy-a great PDSS ewe, dam of Pebbles (pictured below). Currently has a 50% Katahdin ewe on her side who I will be keeping. $200-Tammy will be available at the end of Feb 2013. I will hold her with a deposit. Sold

Bella is a really nice PDSS ewe, born in  2010, dam of Luna (listed below) and Arabella (in photo) a 2013 50% Katahdin ewe lamb (Arabella is not for sale).  $175
Luna 2012 PDSS ewe out of Estrellas La Bella and Estrellas Brennan. Has been exposed to Katahdin ram. (Pictured at 5 months old),  $175.00

Aleshanee Tiponi, 2010 PDSS ewe. Tiponi has produced two sets of twins for me to date. She was 2nd in the tough  6-12 month old ewe class in the 2012 PDSS show.  $200

Hugo fancy recordable 50% Katahdin ram lamb born 12/21/12. Dam is Aleshanee Tiponi PDSS ewe above, and Potter, Katahdin ram pictured at bottom of page. Combines the best traits of Katahdins and Painted Desert sheep.  Badger markings around eyes. $175
Ella 2012 yearling PDSS out of Aleshani Tiponi (pictured above) and Tejas Ranch Red Cloud exposed to Katahdin ram. $150 SOLD

Yearling ewe, Pebbles exposed to Potter registered Katahdin ram. $200 SOLD

"Potter" Registered 100% Katahdin Ram, born Jan 2012. Good size, good natured and proven sire (sire of all the 50% Katahdin lambs on this page) $350

I will offer a discount for purchases of 3 or more sheep.

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