Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plums Galore!

Wow. Big Absence -but that's what happens when a writer/homesteader/self-employed person moves! So much to do and absolutely not enough time to do half of what needs to be done.

I'm writing this from my new home office in Bailey, CO with a view of the mountains from my desktop. I still have a million and one things to do but feared my followers might think I'd disappeared on them like many bloggers do.

And curiously enough today's post is about what I left behind in Texas! Look what my husband posted the other day on Facebook:

This is the plum tree I planted 3 years ago -it's absolutely loaded with plums! The year after I planted the tree it had quite a few plums early on, but then the Texas spring storms came and storm by storm my plums were blown off. Finally I was left with two plums on the tree, just about ripe. We went on a trip to CO looking for property and returned a few days later to one sole plum hanging on, the other was on the ground ravaged by ants. Ughh. We ceremoniously picked the remaining plum (well truthfully it may have not been so ceremoniously, more like hastily plucked it off the tree!). My daughter and I shared it and to this day I swear it was the tastiest plum I've ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into.

The following year there were many blossoms but no plums survived the winds that the Spring of 2011 brought to Texas.

And this year 2012, what a bounty. I'm praying that I get to sample a few when hubby comes up from Texas in a couple of weeks time. He says each storm we lose a few and that they aren't quite ripe yet...Hang on plums you're almost there. If I don't get to sample a fresh plum, hopefully Jessica will let us sample some of the jam she made from plums she picked from the tree.

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