Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sold out!

Where has this month gone? Thank goodness it's a leap year otherwise I'd be posting in March!Spring seems to have come to Texas, flowers are blooming and the dogwoods and fruit trees are blossoming, and my allergies are reawakening from their winter slumber.

Harriet and Carter the ducks have got down to some serious laying this month. Between the two they layed 52 eggs this month. I can't believe it.

Last week despite me cooking Sunday breakfast each week with their bounty and feeding some to the dogs ( I don't tell them I do that), I still had about 3 dozen eggs accumulated. I decided it was time to post some ads on the North Texas craigslist. I posted one on the weekend, and waited and waited. No response. Oh oh...all these eggs and no buyers? Yesterday, I posted on the Dallas craigslist thinking perhaps I could offer to meet up on our weekly skating trips. I checked my email this morning and low and behold I had a buyer! They wanted a full 3 dozen eggs! Alas my hubby had given away 1/2 dozen yesterday (which I think turned into a dozen) so I only had 1 full dozen to spare.

The great news is that they expressed a desire to buy more each week. And to boot, when I checked my messages after egg delivery, I had another lady wanting to buy what I first thought was 10 thousand eggs (that's a whole lot of eggs I thought), but I think her accent made "dozen" sound like "thousand". I'll have to call her back tomorrow and let her know I have none left.

The first dozen delivered

So from no buyers to a waiting list in a day...I'm tickled!

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