Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Bucket List

The year of 2012 will be a year of change for my family. When I started this blog I mentioned that we were looking for a new place to settle and put down roots. After four years of searching high and low (literally), driving from the bottom of the front range of Coloardo to the top, making several offers only to have them turned down, we finally found our new "neighborly place". We made an offer on it in last June, and after enough paperwork to wipe out a whole forest, at the end of October it became ours! Our plan is for my daughter and I to move in May and hubby to come as he can (being a horseshoer he can't just pack up and come with us or he'll be unemployed!).

We purchased approximately 16 acres in Bailey, CO. It has beautiful 1920'ish log buildings, a pond, a stream and adjoins acres of national forest. Each time I type a description of our property, I almost have to pinch myself -I consider us so fortunate to be able to own it!

Here's some pictures taken last summer when we first saw the property and fell in love...

A view of the house and it's view

Pasture by the pond

There is a greenhouse!

A view of the shop and outbuildings

The stream complete with waterfall

And the long bucket list that goes with a new property:

  • Move (first my dd and I)
  • Secure the fencing -happily most of the property is fenced, we just need to fix/improve it.
  • Set-up dog kennel
  • Make sheep shelter
  • Move the livestock to property
  • Research what fruit trees do well at 8800' altitude (no that's not a typo -this property is located at some serious altitutude! Plant test trees.
  • Research and plant berry canes
  • Plant vegetable/herb garden
  • Fix greenhouse
  • Remove fallen tree from pond, remove beaver dams where they are changing water flow
  • Fence bottom pasture.
This doesn't look like a huge list but I bet it takes all summer! I can't wait to start work on it.


  1. Love your place! Looks absolutely beautiful. Do you have any pics of your house? How far away form town are you and how close are your neighbors? Hope you are settling in and loving your move.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment-we do love it. We haven't moved yet -we're waiting until May (I'm a CPA and just can't move during my busiest time of year). There is a Loaf & Jug (convenience store and gas station), church, and library just 6 miles away. The town of Bailey is about another 3 miles from there. Denver is 45 minutes away...Closest neighbors are about 1/2 mile -there is actually a little community of houses! I'll post pics of the house soon!

  3. Absoultely beautiful. Enjoy it fully. :)

  4. Beautiful place! Nice blog - headed on to check out the sheep :-D. Thanks for the VB award. I'll try to get it posted. I'm not good with coming up with 7 things, but probably interesting to try ;-).