Friday, September 2, 2011

How Quickly they Grow

I was just out taking pictures of our not-so-little-anymore ram lamb as requested by his new owner. It's amazing how quickly they grow. Here he is:

And this is our ram lamb we purchased in April. I just love this guys expression -he has the sweetest face.

And this is Jasper now about 8 months old. He's pretty good with the sheep -he just has one he can't resist "playing" with. We work on that daily. Next step will be chickens...that'll be fun!


  1. Those are gorgeous sheep! I thought they were goats at first--shame on me since I have goats! I love that black and white ram. Great pics.

  2. Thanks for the complements on the sheep! Everyone calls them "my goats". I go around saying "Sheep, they are my sheep".